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Merkel’s girl allowed to stay screamed the headline in Germany’s national newspaper Bild – Reem Sahwil that is. The teenager has reportedly been granted a residency permit until 2017.

It was back in July that the Palestinian captured the hearts of the German people. That’s what can happen with a few tears on national TV. Reem had just been told by the Chancellor that not everyone could stay in Germany.

In an unscripted moment Angela Merkel went to comfort the distraught migrant and stroked her on the back.

Was this the moment, as some have claimed, that Germany’s leader decided on an about turn on her policy on migrants. She opened the country’s borders in August to refugees many fleeing the Middle East.

Have a look and the video and judge for yourself. Critics accused the German leader of looking clumsy and lacking any empathy.

A clip went viral and cue the hashtag – #merkelstreicheit – merkelstrokes. We await social media’s offerings on Reem Sawhil’s good news.
Source: Live Leak

As a commercial UAV pilot, I found the topic funny given the recent move by the FAA to require all drone pilots to register their drone and include an identification number so that other pilots can see the drone…?!?!

Dec 21st 2015 – drone registration has already begun.
Source: Live Leak